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Creatures of Duckpuddle Road (1) (2)

Two Perch, 42x20in, oil Floating World, 24x42, oil
Melting Ice, 16x12in, oil Tide Pool Study, 16x12in, oil
Raft, 12x5in, pastel
Cooper's Hawk, 24x42in, oil Rainbow Trout, 8x10in, pastel
Hockey, 12x16in, oil
Alton, 11x14in, oil
Mushrooms 2, 12x48in, oil
Magic Waiting, 12x16in, oil
Grapes, 10x18in, pastel
Alewives, 10x15in, pastel
Smelt, 12x9in, watercolor & pastel Crow, 9x6in, watercolor & pastel Jet Trail, 8x10in, pastel
Barred Owl, 6x9in, pastel Darner, 5x8, pastel Green Frog, 6x5in, pastel

8 pixel : 1 inch

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