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Creatures of Duckpuddle Road (1) (2)

The Culvert, 60x48in, oil Blister Beetles, 12x9in, pastel Peaches, 9x12in, oil
Three Apples, 18x12, pastel
Glove Thistle, 12x18in, pastel
Flicker, 12x16in, pastel
Waters of Perpetual Judgement, 24x20, pastel
Pears, 9x12in, oil
Sunfish, 8x10in, pastel
Green Apples, 10x15in, oil
Largemouth Bass, 9x12in, watercolor & pastel
Snapping Turtle, 9x12in, pastel
Hungry Island, 8x10in, oil
Sledding, 12x16in, oil
On the Way Home, 14x18in, pastel
Day of the Pig , 12x9in, pastel Pig Study 2, 12x9in, pastel Pig Study 1, 12x9in, pastel North of Moody's, 11x14in, oil Damir's World, 9x12in, oil

8pixel : 1 inch

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