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About the artist

I grew up in New England and spent many of my formative years along the coast. I learned traditional drawing and painting from my father, George Augusta, a prominent portrait and landscape painter. I learned the importance of working directly from nature and that drawing and painting are excellent ways to experience and study how the world works and how my mind works.

I consider myself heir to several strains of visual representation and philosophical traditions. I have been and continue to be influenced by the works of Rembrandt, Breughl, Goya, Turner, Homer, Gaugin, Degas, and Redon, among others. Having spent a great deal of time in Central America, in Belize in particular, I've also studied and absorbed Mayan art and iconography.

My working methods in the field are in the tradition of nineteenth century artists and naturalists such as Audubon, Fuertes and Liljefors. This often includes detailed studies of particular animals and other phenomena. I also have learned to make crude notations and sketches underwater. From these experiences I create other compositions.

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